Hikvision is a brand of high tech CCTV systems that can be used in a business or residential context. There are a range of cameras available that can be integrated to provide the best possible security and surveillance package, and many of the cameras perform more than one function.

Hikvision’s extensive range of products, many of which are IP based, provide not only the highest quality security products, but also some of the most energy efficient and connected ones too.

A selection of the company’s advanced technological solutions include:

  • A technology called AcuSense Live-Guard, which is a comprehensive all-in-one security system. Not only does it include the security camera functionality itself, but it also features an in-built speaker that can have a warning message broadcast or a strobe light and siren that will activate when movement is detected. These features can also be activated via an app on your mobile phone.

  • ColorVu is another type of security camera technology which incorporates lenses, sensors and supplemental lighting to capture high definition footage with colour features, even in dark light.

  • The DeepinView series use Deep Learning technology to progressively improve the images captured via the camera, as well as capturing insights and data to optimise the functionality of the system.

There are many other technological features within the Hikvision range which help to position the business as one of the leaders in the market. For a customised Hikvision security solution that will suit your needs. 

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