Security systems

If you have concerns about the safety and security of your family, or your business, then you should consider getting a security system installed.

There are a range of home and business security systems on the market. It can be overwhelming when you are looking into security solutions initially, so it is valuable to discuss what you are looking for with security experts like Sure Security Systems, to ensure you choose the most appropriate products for your needs.

Home alarm systems are an easy but effective way to protect your home without a huge price tag. These alarm systems can be wired or wireless, with a range of products available based on your budget and the layout of your property. Your premises can be armed with an alarm system for windows and doors, to deter intruders who unlawfully attempt to enter your property. 

Off-site or back-to-base monitoring is also available.

Home CCTV systems or Security cameras offer you a way to have constant surveillance of your property. Many of the systems available on the market feature advanced technology which creates sharp and precise vision, regardless of whether it is day or night. The cameras can include motion detection, thermal imaging and a wireless or wired solution. They can be internet enabled or transmit the vision using cabling to a device or monitor. All solutions offered by Sure Security Systems are high quality and come with a warranty for peace of mind.

Intercom systems give you a way of communicating with your customers, couriers or visitors who would like access to your property. Many systems today enable you to communicate with those visitors remotely, which is particularly useful when you receive deliveries but are not always at home or work to accept them.

The Sure Security Systems team have years of experience in the installation of security systems on the Northern Beaches and across the entire Sydney region. 

We offer maintenance and repair solutions, so you can rest assured that at all times your system will be fully functional and will protect your home or business. 

Sure Security Systems provide a completely customisable security solution based on your needs and the size and layout of the property. The security systems can be installed individually or combined together to create a complete package, working within your budget.

For more information or a site inspection call Sure Security Systems today on 1300 55 12 10.