Access Control Systems


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What are the three types of access control for business situations?

There are several types of access control that can be used in corporate situations, subject to your needs and budget. These are divided into three main types of access controls, and a growing fourth category.

Discretionary Access Control

This is the simplest type of system that requires minimal set up and fairly easy control of the system for the administrator. So the administrator can control the level of access of each person throughout the building and to the system itself via a simple Windows based system. This type of system can be vulnerable to viruses and cyber attacks without the admin's knowledge, so there is a level of risk with these options.

Mandatory Access Control

These systems are the most restrictive and control is only available to the system owner and administrator, with permissions for the level of employee entitling them to access to certain parts of the building. This type of system is ideal for the highest level of security a building can have, such as military, government and organisations who need areas of the building to have guaranteed security.

Role Based Access Control (RBAC)

RBAC is the most popular forms of access control as it is cloud based and non-discretionary, in that it provides a level of access to an individual based on their specific role and its requirements to access parts of the building. This system is simple to set up and program, as initially all that is required is to enter the organisation's roles and that role's levels of access. It may be possible to offer extra levels of access on a one-off or continual basis, subject to the system design.

Rule Based Access Control

This form of access control allows the administrator to set up rules in the system such as time of day restricted or unrestricted locations and permissions for user types. These rules can be dynamic, depending on the needs of the organisation, and it provides flexible and adaptable access control system that can suit may types of business.

In addition to these access control types, there are methods of gaining access to buildings which are also relevant in domestic applications, such as:

  • Card Reader and Key Fob access systems

  • Biometric access systems

  • Keypad access systems

  • Mobile or cloud based access systems


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