Sonos Sound Design

Our Partnership
Sure Security Systems is a accredited Sonos Dealer, acknowledged for our brand expertise and advocacy.

We offer the highest quality service and advice around Sonos products with pricing competitive with the mass retailers. Our technicians are also fully qualified and equipped to handle Sonos custom installations on any scale.

We regularly design and install comprehensive multi-room systems integrating Sonos with architectural speaker products.

Why Sonos?
Sonos has a specialised high end product range, with a big profile. As a “go-to” solution for delivering music across the home, the Sonos platform is noted for its acoustic fidelity, simplicity, flexibility and reliability.

Sonos’ simplicity is demonstrated in its clean lines, very few cables and easy operation. Although simple-to-use, the system is impressively open-ended, providing unrivalled access to a host of music services and storage preferences. And while much has changed with Sonos over the years, many of the core technologies remain. We’re supremely confident in Sonos as a significant and reliable player in a fast-paced market-place.

Sonos Architectural Solutions
Sonos architectural solutions combine all of the benefits of modern, multi-room music streaming with discrete, permanently installed speakers.

Sonos have partnered with respected, custom installation speaker manufacturer Sonance to produce a number of products perfectly matched with the Sonos AMP.

The Sonos In-Ceiling option combines a pair of recessed ceiling speakers and AMP to deliver high-quality, “almost invisible” background music.

The Sonos In-Wall solution is an excellent consideration around a TV and a definite step-up from the popular soundbar options.

The Sonos Outdoor wall-mounted environmental package including renowned Sonance external speakers and Sonos AMP will provide years of high-quality entertainment in outdoor living spaces.

Experience Sonos with Sure Security Systems
Our Sonos range includes all product options fully installed by our trained technicians. From simple, stand-alone speakers and soundbars, through to complete surround sound and architectural solutions, you can explore and compare the range in a comfortable and relaxed environment. And hear it perform just as it will in your own home.

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