Uniview provides a comprehensive suite of security products and solutions. They can be used independently or integrated together to create a complete security solution. The selection of products available is largely oriented towards security cameras, Uniview CCTV, although they do also offer complementary health, connectivity and entertainment products.

Some of the notable products from their range include:

  • IP Cameras - Internet Protocol CCTV cameras, incorporating the latest connected technologies for enhanced, integrated security.

  • PTZ Cameras - Pan Tilt Zoom cameras, which can pivot and zoom-in to offer a broad ranging field and high definition image capture.

  • Thermal Cameras - These cameras detect infrared radiation, which is invisible to the human eye but that we can feel as heat. These detect movement at night or in dark environments.

  • Network Video Recorder - NVR systems use an IP camera to capture, process and record video and audio data directly onto the network - using a pure digital signal from the camera which is a high video quality.

  • Uniarch - A low cost, high quality CCTV system that provides small to medium sized businesses or retail consumers a chance to enter the security market.


Uniview have also created proprietary technologies which allow them to provide very high quality vision, regardless of the environmental factors such as light or rain. 

These include:

  • ColorHunter

  • LightHunter

  • Universal Block Storage (UBS)

  • PixelSense Technology

  • Ultra265 & U-code 2.0


Uniview is a market leading provider of security products with a broad suite of products. Sure Security can work with you to create the perfect security solution for your home or business.

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