Why choose a wireless alarm system

What alarm system do you choose: wired or wireless?

With home protection systems increasingly becoming a requirement, the alarm system market provides a wide range of solutions to choose from, and it's crucial to understand what each system offers so you can make an educated decision.

What you need from a security system will determine whether you go for a wired or wireless alarm system.

Note that a security device can be both wireless and wired, meaning it can have a wireless sensor network but a hardwired control panel, or vice versa.


Wired Alarm Systems

Traditional alarm systems use wires that are installed throughout your property (home or office) to transmit information back to the central control panel. 

Physical copper wires pass between each detector (door, motion, glass, etc.) and the control panel in hardwired systems.

Wireless Alarm Systems

Wireless systems are a good option if your home doesn't have a security system.

Wireless alarm systems now integrate with home automation.

There is no need to drill holes or make other changes with a wireless alarm device. For rental properties, historical properties, brick interiors, and other similar situations, a wireless alarm device is a smart option.

Wireless alarm systems communicate through digital or radio signals, but they may also use your home's Wi-Fi signal. 

What is the operation of a wireless alarm system? 

It communicates with the control panel through radio waves. A wireless warning system is effectively tamper-proof because radio waves eliminate the possibility of wires being short-circuited. 



Vesta’s HSGW is an IP-based multi-functional RF, ZigBee, smart home security gateway with optional add-on of 3G/4G capabilities, providing comprehensive solutions, including remote management, home security, live visual monitoring, home automation, energy management and emergency monitoring, designed to bring all-around convenience, comfort and safety.



Installing an alarm system for your home has never been easier. Whether you’re undertaking a new installation or upgrading an existing system. Vesta’s fully wireless eco-system allows you to get your system up and running in no time, stress free.



The F1 control panels and devices utilise “Attack Shield” communications protocol to protect signal transmission. This robust encryption protocol pre-empties any attempts to decipher or steal messages transmitted from sensors to control panels.



Control your entire home security system anywhere there’s an internet connection. The Vesta app and cloud portal allows you to access all your connected devices whether you’re home or away.



Automation Sensors

Indoor Motion Detectors

Environmental Sensors

Indoor Motion Detectors with Camera

Door & Gate Sensors

Outdoor Motion Detectors

Emergency Devices

Outdoor Motion Detectors with Camera

Impact/Shock Detection

Video Door Phone


Siren / Strobe

Keypads / Screens

Smoke Detectors

IP MegaPixel Cameras

Two Communication


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